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The Villa and The Villans Park


Thoughts and issues regarding the past and present of a great football club by The Chronicler.

The 125th anniversary of Villa Park came and passedon April 17, 2022. In celebrating this anniversary and the history of the site that contains Villa Park, I would like to entice you into the following offering...

Full of thrills and spills and plenty of lions (real and the Aston Villa kind) and no little intrigue. With 36 colour pages, Prof. Carl Chinn has described it as a fascinating story.

Pleaseplace your advance order for thishardbackbook (152 pages in total) which is nearly ready for printing.

The retail price is expected to be 16 (P&P free in UK).However, for all those that put in an advance order, I will reduce the price from 16 to13.50(P&P free in UK).Please do not send payment just yetbutemail me hereplease, with your advance order. When it is printed I will ask you for payment.

Latest Expected Publication Date: early December 2022.

Welcome! I would be happy to receive your thoughts - but please keep them clean! This Blog supplements my Villa History website which I started building in 1998.

The site contains all important match records and player details

. (to see the site please clickhere).

Click here for my blog on Villas play over the past few seasons.

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I saw my first match at Villa Park around 1950-time and was a regular supporter from the mid-1950s - once I was tall enough to see the match!

At the beginning of 2006 I began very detailed research into the early history of AVFC (mainly at the British Library) and the result of that research was the publication of the Aston Villa Chronicles (1874-1924 and after) which is referred to above.

From early 2007, I was employed by Aston Villa to reorganise their archives and then (from Oct 2008 until Jan 2010) as the clubs official historian.


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